Stupid gaming rumors you heard when you were a kid

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Stupid gaming rumors you heard when you were a kid

Post by Zemekis » Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:02 pm

Did any of you hear outlandish rumors about games as a kid? Even ones that wound up being true but you thought were total bullshit when you heard them. I'm gonna list off the most egregious ones I can remember at the moment:

- In Mario 64, run around the fountain in the courtyard 'x' times to unlock Luigi.
- Also in Mario 64, after you get all the stars you will play as Luigi and Birdo will be on the roof of the castle instead of Yoshi.
- The Sega Dreamcast has "a mind of its own" and can play any game it wants to.
- In Mario Tennis on the N64, if Mario is on both teams there will be a Mario with a blue hat as the referee. My buddy across the street used to tell me he was a separate character called "Bluebird Mario". Ironically, there is a small fanbase for this character and theories as to him being a separate guy, rather than just a recolored Mario model:
- When I was 4, my cousin told me that Raiden in the original Mortal Kombat was a normal man who stood outside and sucked lightning into his hands to get his powers. (I still want this to be true. The idea of a dude in a rice farming hat sucking up lightning still cracks me up)
- MissingNo. is a real Pokemon
- A Kamehameha attack can destroy half a planet, while a Spirit Bomb can destroy exactly 1 and a half. Sure, it's anime but there were DBZ games at the time.
- The characters in Final Fantasy X actually talk. I called this kid out SO HARD when he told me his older brother watched the trailer for it at Walmart, but little did I know this was 100% true.

Last but not least for now, one of my own. I swear this is real, if you Google for a half hour or so you can find a Yahoo Answers/GameFAQs question about this. In the original Paper Mario, at some point in the story (i dunno the trigger for this cutscene) in Toad Town near the entrance to Mario/Luigi's house there is a quick scene with a Pink Toad character that appears in the middle of the plaza and walks off with the screen going black. I have NO IDEA where to find her after that or who/what the deal is with this scene...I've only got it once out of 4 full playthroughs. It may have something to do with this not activating properly:
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