So I heard you like life sims

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So I heard you like life sims

Post by CatMango » Thu Mar 30, 2017 10:19 pm

A place to talk about any and all life sims. My personal favorites have been series like the classic Harvest Moon, the newly named Story of Seasons, and Rune Factory. And who can forget, Stardew Valley.

If you're a fan, post your thoughts. Which bachelor/bachelorette you love most, thoughts on the direction the series is going, etc.

I myself recently got my hands on the new Story of Seasons : Trio of Towns. Like its predecessor this game does a lot of things the same, and a lot differently. The "part time jobs" are now simple 30 second mini games rather than a timed seek and find for items. The bug catching has been redone. Rather than requiring skill to catch and granting an item that can be sold you instead collect vast amounts to be granted a random item from the harvest goddess per 100 found. While I appreciate the simplification of a task that became tedious for me, I also don't bother with the function since it doesn't grant the money it has in the past. And these are just what I've discovered in the beginning.

It's a beautiful game that seems to be scaling back on the almost overwhelming amount of things to be done in the first Story of Seasons.

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Re: So I heard you like life sims

Post by Zemekis » Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:22 am

Not a ton to say on Story of Seasons and such since I haven't tried it yet, but I probably will after your write-up.

I've been getting back into Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland for PS2. I also tried out Stardew Valley (yeah, a year or two late). Instead of talking about that, you can just check out the videos on my YouTube haha.
Persona 5 has a lot of sim elements so that's probably the most time I've been putting into anything simulation-like. I've been looking for a really good city-sim that isn't Sim City if you know of one or have a suggestion of an old game. Something like "A-Train", if you've had any experience with that.
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