Any Horror Gaming Fans?

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Re: Any Horror Gaming Fans?

Post by Zemekis » Mon Jul 24, 2017 1:31 pm

CatMango wrote:
Thu May 04, 2017 9:25 pm
Yes we've talked about it at length haha. I'm not quite so bad that dingy bathroom water will get to me but even clear water can be an issue if it's deep enough or there are areas I can't see in it. For example when playing in streams as a child there were always these overhanging shelves of mud/rock that I avoided like the plague. The water I was in might be clear but there were shadows and holes in the banks that my cousins and I thought held snakes and other creepy crawlies. I've come to learn those small holes in the banks were actually crawfish holes but the shadows would still make me steer clear.

Surprisingly I don't know of too many games that capitalize on water fears. The first that comes to mind is Amnesia the Dark Descent. A rather infamous part early in the games has you trying to outrun unseen creatures in the dark thigh high water that has flooded a basement. I believe there is also a game where you hunt sharks and even a megalodon which I don't believe is supposed to be scary so much as an action game but my heart lurched into my throat when the megalodon loomed up out of the murk at me.
Sorry for the long silence, as you guys know I was moving and changing jobs but I'm back to messing with the site a little bit. I'll probably post up an announcement on the main page soon.
Back to horror games though, as a few months have gone by and we've passed an E3. Mango, I have no clue about that megalodon hunting game tbh, but I imagine it may be similar to that deep sea dive PS4 VR game? I wouldn't know since I refuse to play it, lol.
I'l going to be playing through Fatal Frame with my sister in September, I may upload it to my youtube channel.

Did you catch any good horrr game announcements at E3? I don't recall anything immediately off the top of my head.
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